The first time in 125 years of “Russian idea” came our first “Vneseriynye” (who is also the anniversary) number in French format 48-page color magazine.

To this number, as promised, includes free audio CD « Russian rock in Paris “with compositions D.Shagina (” Mitka “) V.Rekshana (group” st.-Petersburg “), A.Hvostenko, K.Terra (group” New Australia “), Professor Lebedinsky, V.Butusova (ex- “Nautilus Pompilius”, now stands with a group of “Yu-Peter)” Yu.Shevchuka (DDT) and B.Grebenschikova (“Aquarium”).
Buy «La Pensée Russe. Hors série №1 »is possible in almost any Russian store in Paris or delivered by mail in our editorial by phone (+33)

Price editions – 5.90 euros + postage – 2 euros (in the case of delivery by mail to the territory of France)